Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Greetings & Solicitations...


Forewarned about talking to weird people on the street - I mumbled
"Don't know Chinese"
"Ohh.... Gurls u wan? Good good gurls! Top Top Qwalitee - local ones"

I walked away...
Repeat this three times in the span of 5 minutes... *sigh*

This is Nanjing Road East - Shanghai...

...Almost Shanghai-ed!

Today was an eventful morning - when we were rushing from the airport hotel to the airport to catch the flight to Shanghai.

This is the reason why I think that considering China a great country is a bit premature. Take for example our incident in the morning.

Arriving early for check-in and after lining up for 20minutes, we were served by this woman at the check-in counter. She directed us to another counter for check-in. This is when I sense the falling sandbag.

There was this lady who duly informed me in her half-baked engrish that the ticket is not valid as we did not reconfirm with them. RECONFIRM? Why? This is an issued e-ticket that clearly state that it is CONFIRMED & RESERVED. The paper happen to mention it 3 times!

Arguing about 10 minutes later, the rather un-apologetic woman was hereby demanded by us to see their supervisor. 10 minutes later - still no word. Here we are stranded at the airport without a flight to make it to a meeting in 4 hours (the flight takes 2 hours) with the next flight departing way too late to get us there in in (it departs 2 hours later. 2+2 = 4 hours plus travelling time is way too late)

So i went further on the offensive - and finally after a 30minute ordeal, we finally got on the plane. But by then it was less than 20 minutes for the flight and the baggage is close. So we rushed across to the oversized baggage counter to get it in - quite a long distance - making it on the minute that service is closed for the flight. Then with 10 minutes remaining - it was the mad rush thru security and to a gate verily 500+ meters away!

So in the end we made it - but I carry away a distinct feeling that one of the premier airlines i.e. China Southern nearly shanghai-ed us - either by sheer incompetence or stupidity...

It appears that the much vaunted China - does have its incompetent side... and have a long long long way to catch up. Even with Malaysia...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sleepless in Canton...

It has been a hectic week of work work work and sick sick sick.
*sigh* *grin*

Well, it is official - I have not really slept for the past 48 hours - except 3 hours of cough wrecked sleep on Saturday night and a turbulence filled 2.5 hours on the cramped seat of an airplane.

So right now I find myself unable to go to sleep - even in a quiet hotel room in off Guangzhou. My mind is just racing around, from matters at work, matters with colleagues, leftover matters from that especially time consuming last minute causing me not to be able to sleep project, matters of what the hell I am supposed to do for the next four days as I proceed to Shanghai for meetings and more meetings.

Traveling used to be fun - and it still is. The 1st look of an approaching city from the air, the tarmac of an airport I have never before ventured, the lines at immigration and customs silently praying I have not done or brought anything wrong. I love it all... However, I am starting to develop some disenchantment with traveling so much - especially for work.

I sometimes wish just to lie on my bed, book in hand with my mind in some faraway place - be it Midkemia, Arrakis, Middle Earth or Treasure Island. But I digress - probably due to my sleep deprived state.

For those who want to be in the know on my going-ons in life, I just have lunch and is currently waiting for a talk in the evening. Tonight we will be staying at the airport hotel ready to be whisked away to Shanghai 1st thing in the morning...

Oh Canton, Canton...
I hardly know you...
But for the whispers of your character...
from the elevated highway

Oh Canton, oh Canton
People now call you...
Guangzhou, jewel of the Pearl River...
as I depart from you by the jetway

On tomorrow's morn

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Received this on email today... Everyone lets chip in and pray that God will remove all evil powers and potentates in our home.

Out Of Court Settlement In SIB Case Fails
Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Hearing for the SIB case over the lawfulness of confiscation of their Christian publications containing the word "Allah" finally started at the Kuala Lumpur High Court Monday (9 June) under a new judge, Justice Datuk Abdul Kadir Musa, after futile attempts to settle the dispute out of court.

The hearing of the application by the Sidang Injil Borneo (Borneo Evangelical Church) Sabah for leave to sue the Internal Security Minister Syed Hamid Albar (previously Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) and the Federal government over the dispute was heard in chambers but was adjourned to 7 Aug.

SIB claimed that on 15 August 2007, three boxes of its Christian educational publications from Indonesia to Sabah were unlawfully detained on transit at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Sepang. They also contend that this had infringed upon their constitutional rights and their rights to freedom of religion.
After unsuccessful attempts to get the books released, the SIB filed the application for leave to seek a judicial review by way of a Certiorari Order from the court that the minister and government was wrong in law in confiscating and detaining the publications containing the word "Allah". It also filed for a Mandamus Order for the release of the books which were meant for their children's religions education. The church is also seeking several declarations from the court on their constitutional rights to use the word "Allah" in their religious publications, among other things. In addition, SIB is applying for a stay order.

In Monday's hearing, SIB was represented by Datuk D.P. Naban and Lim Heng Seng while senior Federal Counsel Azizah Nawawi represented the respondents. SIB Sabah president Pastor Jerry Dusing and church secretary Pastor Danny Limpakan were also present.

The books were returned to SIB on 25 Jan and it is understood that the application for Certiorari and Mandamus has been overtaken by events and the focus in on submission by SIB lawyers for the remaining declaratory reliefs and stay order. They are believed to have argued that the declarations are needed to protect their clients from continued harassment by the authorities regarding the use of the word "Allah" by the church.

The application was first heard before Justice Madam Lau Bee Lan on 27 Dec 2007. SIB lawyers tendered a certificate of urgency to case but senior Federal Counsel Azizah Nawawi asked for a postponement on grounds that there were moves by third parties to resolve the dispute out of court.

On 16 Jan 2008, when the case came up for hearing again before a new judge, Justice Datuk Wan Arfah. Azizah again asked for a postponement to 27 Jan. However, two days before that, SIB was given back their books and as a result both parties agreed to another adjournment on the understanding that following the general elections on 8 March, there would be renewed attempts to resolve the matter out of court but none was forthcoming till the hearing Monday. (By BOB TEOH/ MySinchew)

Home sweet home...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jack of all Trades...

The funny thing about blogging (at least for me) - is that I am not compelled to do it. I never kept a consistent diary in my life, I never managed to fully use the calendar function - be it in my phone, my pda or my pc (and mac for that matter).


Chinese saying - basically 'if there is nothing, one will not go to the triple treasure hall' - in this case triple treasure means the temple. It is similar to what many Christians do - not pray unless we are already suffering.

Which is why there is so much ranting on the blog :P I do not come here unless I want to vent - to rant... which is why I am up at 4am here - rambling away.

Just want to say that I am tired...
Due to my work - I have been put into an unenviable position of doing many things for the many facets (and companies) I am involved in. That forces me to devote less time to everything I am involved in - and in some eyes of some idiots I work with, this is a sign that I am not 'pulling my weight'

Nevermind the extra hours I put in, nevermind the extra mile I go...
Nevermind the shortcuts I have created, the extra effort to get things out perfect

Nevermind the time I devoted in the darkest of nights
Nevermind the crazy driving from point to point, the hours I have to stay in the office

Nevermind the personal resources I put in...
My own money to complement my blood, sweat and tears.

I am sorry if this blog sometimes sound like a big vent of hot air and fury. But heck -I am indeed angry and frustrated.

So to the world out there, at 4:09 in the morning. If I just can't please you - go stick your head in your **** and **** yourself.