Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Of Aspirations...

About an hour and a half ago, Barrack Hussein Obama became the president of the United States of America. It makes me almost want to be an American instead of a Malaysian... Almost.

Although I am not a fan of Obama - of which I still think he has too much style than substance. I am more a fan of Clinton - less rhetorical, less kumbaya. But I can feel a tingle on my spine when he took office.

Here he was, a half African American, a minority in his own country, taking the the nation's highest office. Many say a realisation of a dream. I was both elated for America and driven to despair.

Despair? Yes, Despair...
For in this nation I call home under the current system - I cannot even aspire to hold the highest office of the land. I am a third generation of my family that lived here, grew up here and love this land as fiercely (or I would like to think) as any in this country. But unless there is a change, I can never ever lead this nation... NEVER!

I am not even saying that I am capable of doing the job - but it would be wonderful even if that avenue is open to me. An avenue that all Malaysians irrespective of creed, religion or race can aspire to...

For until then, let us not demean Americans and call them arrogant. Let us not needlessly boycott their products. Let us not protest in front of their embassy. For today, at 1 am Malaysian time, at noon Washington time - they are indeed a better nation, a better society, a more equal society.

A society that - From Every Mountainside, Let Freedom Ring...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its not about products... stupid!

You know what - we Malaysians are STUPID!

Boycott Coke? Starbucks? How petty can we get?
Grow Up!

Why not boycott Intel & AMD as well? They are American companies?
Why not boycott HP? Seagate? Western Digital?

What about Agilent? Oh Wait - What about Pfizer? MSD?
WAIT! We cannot forget! Let us BOYCOTT BOEING! Stop getting on Boeing Planes!

Stop Using the Internet! - it is so obviously an AMERICAN creation.