Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Its all about the party - stupid!

This post is about all the political shenanigans in Perak.

It has always been a well known fact that in Malaysia - when you vote, it is all about the party. From the 'Dacing' to the 'Roket' to the 'Bulan'. It is all about the party. So - when people who most people cannot remember their names changes their 'emblem' - it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I have never agreed that elected representatives defect from one party to another. I never agreed that Anwar's insinuations of doing it last September and I have never agreed of Najib doing it today.

It sets a bad precedence! These people are TRAITORS! I cannot believe that Hee, who claimed to be a DAP member for 22 years would forever tarnish her name for such a move! A traitor is always a traitor - untrusted, unloved... the scum of the earth.

Now, if 30 BN reps cross over to Anwar - the BN has no more moral high ground. Any anti-hopping law is a sham! This may turn out to be a Pyrrhic Victory... if Anwar does get the numbers - BN may just get swept away by the seeds they have just sown.

However, this also gives me pause regarding the quality and integrity of the PR politicians we have voted into office. If their loyalty can be swayed - how can they truly say that they serve the rakyat who put them in office?

I truly fear for this country of ours...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Doing the Deeds...

Onto a lighter note...

Another one of my friends, Jon is about to embark into a life changing journey! He and another friend of his is about to go around the world - for 500 days no less!

They have started off by starting a website for the journey - We Deed It!. They will be starting off in April from London and from there around the world!

Included (subject to change of course!) in the itinerary is the Trans-Mongolian Railroad, the Beijing-Lhasa Railway with a potential sojourn into North Korea! The journey is also open to anyone who wants to hop on and hop off at any part of the trip! So join them!

This Mad Cow here is contemplating to join them in at least one part of the journey :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

...Thinking about an old and absent friend...

Its 3am and I have just had a sudden bout of wakefulness - was having a fitfull and restless sleep throughout this still and silent night.

I has been a weird night - with me recalling an old old friend I have not seen for almost 10 years (excepting roughly an hour around 5 years ago). It was a friend I used to have deep feelings for, my oldest friend...

I used to have daily conversations with her - even when we were overseas. Those phone calls dwindled with time - to weekly, forthnightly... monthly, quaterly and yearly over the years. Then one day, around 3 years ago - she dropped off the air and the internet. Almost as if she wished to disappear and forget her past.

I do not know why I suddenly remember you, my friend - I just hope that you are well and safe. And that your old friend here, who has known you for more than 20 years, prays for you...