Friday, June 29, 2007

Coming out of mourning...

Today is a similar day to when I heard the news of your passing, grandma... it was overcast and once again small droplets of rain fell from the sky.

Grandma, I will miss you and I will remember you in my heart always... You have indeed led a full and wonderful life and I am so blessed to have been under your guidance and your love.

Thank you - and I will try my best to live up to your expectations... and your legacy.

Baby on Board...

I am back... well - almost back (once again on a long blogging hiatus).

And rant I shall *grin*

It was in the traffic chaos in Seri Petaling a few days back when I noticed an amazing sight - of what is best described as an ironic parent - in a *drumroll* Kancil! (the quintessential malaysian crazy driver containing small excuse of a car)

This Kancil - proudly displaying the sign Baby on Board, with another bigger kid visible on the back seat (sandwiched between what appears to be his grandparents) and what appears to be a pregnant (or very fat, take your pick) wife, holding a baby in her arms - darted out illegally from a side road, travelled a short distance on the oncoming traffic lane and right into the small space in front of my car.

I think he should move the sign, right smack in front of his nose, to remind him that he has women and children on board - then maybe he would not be so gung-ho and trying to kill his entire family in one proud self destructive utterly Malaysian driver moment. Maybe then he can improve his sorry excuse of driving. But I digress.

I do not say that I am a saint on the road, or a really careful and law abiding driver - but the least they can do is to have some consideration to the safety of their own young families. Horror stories of an entire family of 8 or 11 in a terrible accident in a Kancil may be long and far in between but they do happen - and now I have a personal experience on how they could happen and why they happen... Irresposible parents and utter gross stupidity.